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Space Cockpit™ by Saber Astronautics

Full Time Software Engineering Internship - September 2020 to March 2021

Full Time Software Engineer I - September 2021 to Present

Project Overview

Space Cockpit’s foundational user-centered design approach provides Space Force Guardians with a highly intuitive interface for enhanced Space Domain Awareness. Developed under the Department of Defense Pl as a Space CAMP product, the application is designed with direct feedback from satellite operators and their commanders in the US Space Force and Air Force. Developed in Unity 3D for WebGL.

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Daily Responsibilities

  • Implementing features based on user-centric design philosophies

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Repository management

  • Unit test implementation

  • Presenting features to customers and partners

  • Code reviews and functionality testing

Internship Reflection

September 2020 to March 2021

As a grandson of an Air Force veteran, I was proud to be able to work on a project for the military using my background as a game designer and programmer. While the internship may have only lasted six months, I will continue to use the C# programming skills I have picked up in my future endeavors. Working in programming pairs helped immensely for being on-boarded onto the project, and by the end of the first three months I would be regularly driving development within my code-pair. In addition, I got experience with Unit Testing and writing coverage for the project to ensure that features were working as intended. By the last few months of the internship, I was an active participant in onboarding new team members and getting them familiar with the code base. Six months flew by faster than I could imagine, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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